God’s Love

I have just pressed send on a post that was only supposed to go out on 17 April – and it has been published to the world today (13 March).

But don’t worry – if you missed it you’ll get it again on the 17th of next month! I hope you received it as a gift – an ‘extra’ blessing when it popped into your inbox or arrived on your Facebook or LinkedInĀ feeds unexpectedly mid-morning.

I have to admit I was fed up with myself. I try to keep to the schedule – You are Invited posts sent out at 05h00 GMT+2 and the weekly musings at 10h00. So to bother you, my followers, with another post unexpectedly is something I try not to do. Also, and more importantly, I believe God has called me to write these posts and I like to do them to the best of my ability.

As I was sitting feeling fed-up, having tried unsuccessfully to recall the post (if anyone knows how to do that I’d be grateful if you’d let me know!) I glanced out of the window.

There, in the dappled sunlight in the little courtyard outside my study was an Olive Thrush sitting on the birdbath. She was in a patch of sun and her orange beak and legs glowed in contrast to the shadow that surrounded her. She drankĀ and hopped across to the other side. She drank again and then splashed a bit, showering rainbow drops around.

And my heart lifted. It was as if God said to me, ‘It doesn’t matter. So you pressed ‘publish’ instead of ‘schedule’. It’s fine. I love you – here’s a little gift to let you know that it’s okay. Tell your readers what happened – and be sure to tell them what I am saying to you too.’

So there you go. I made a mistake that bothered me, but God’s okay with it – and I hope you are too!

God bless you

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